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Hair Masking or Image Masking

Image masking service is a process that is used to remove the background from Photo which photographs those that have blurred/fuzzy edges, Transparent in father or hair portions. The masking techniques are very sensitive to getting a high-quality result. It has a different type for different photos. Also, you can say it similar to x-ray clothes in photoshop. Anybody can’t ignore photo-mask service if his/her blurred edges as well as hair option.

What is the image of hair masking?

Image masking service is very helpful in removing the background from an image or photos that have subjects with hair or feather. The fine details of the individual hairs and furs make it so difficult to perform background change with the clipping path, so advanced Photoshop skills and techniques are very essential.

This kind of work is used to confirm that the shapes of the images are untouched. Actually, Image masking is similar to the clipping path service. Originally, the clipping path helps to remove the background or cut out of an image. By using Photo masking removes the background along with the perfect shape and out and out of an image. It is a process of Photoshop software like Graphics to conceal some portions of Images and to express some portions. Most of the time it enables you to adjust and tweak the mask later if necessary. Photo masking is an efficient and more creative way of image manipulation services.

Type of Hair Masking Service

There are generally four kinds of mask described below

1.Hair Mask

Hair masking

It is a process of the image clipping path with pen tools and removes the background from hair or feather type images.  Hair masking complete by Adobe Photoshop software various tools, so it same but it has some different form normal clipping path process. Photoshop offers a number of tools that make cutting an object out of an image that is until you get to the hair. Thousands of strands of hair going in multiple directions is a nightmare for any selection task, whether that’s because you need to apply a selective edit, remove the background, or compost multiple images together. Thankfully, cutting out hair in Photoshop doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare with a few tricks — including the Select and Mask tool introduced only last year. Here’s how to mask hair in Photoshop CC update.

2. Layer Masking

Layer masking

The layer mask is the type of mask people generally mention when they talk about masking work service in Photoshop software. We can hide or publish a part of the images or we can change the opacity of the various parts of an image using a masking service. If we change the blur of a tier from the tire panel’s blur slider, the Blur of the whole image will be replaced. With the layer or tire mask, we can replace the visibility of the layer. We can create any part completely invisible or partially visible. If we paint with black on the mask, that portion of the image will be fully transparent. Meaning it will create visible the layers. The photo will be partially transparent if we paint with any gray-scale color, depending on the % of gray or others we choose for the brush. If we select a soft brush, the edge transformation will be smoother

3. Clipping Mask

Clipping masking


A clipping mask is a group of layers to which is complete a mask special tools applied. Firstly the lowermost layer, or base layer, defines the visible boundaries area of the complete group. As an example, guess you have a shape in the base layer, Photograph in the layer on top of it, and Tools in the uppermost layer. If the photograph and text be manifest solely through the shape define in the base layer, they also take the opacity of the base layer to complete the mask. It says simply grouping a clipping pen tool uses.

4. Alpha Channel Hair Masking


There are many images that have different attributes for cutting out operations like removing or change photo’s backgrounds. So that various image need varies methods are needed to be applied. Different images require different approaches. Alpha channel masking is a bit complex way of doing photo masking. The above three types of masking are simple. But when we need to mask out the hair, furry, and feather areas. It becomes so stark and very time-consuming to select those areas with just the brush strokes. If the object and the background have a sufficient amount of contrast, then the Alpha channel masking technique will be easier to apply.

Masking Transparent Objects

Any Designer has used the masking technique to the background remove translucent objects. This is useful for the background removal of glass types of objects. Photoshop expertise could apply this if they need to replace or remove the background of a muslin or mesh type of cloth that has some transparency.

When need the hair masking service

There are many times need to change remove the background from an image that features hair or fur, advanced image masking will produce more accurate and cleaner results than clipping path. It’s a tedious task to undertake, especially on large batches of photos. Attention to detail is especially for making edited photos that look realistic and will be convincing consumers for purchase.

this job is very important for photographers to isolate the product and remove any distractions from the frame. It also helps to create a uniform, consistent look to all product photos for any Digital marketer or any brand and company, both virtual and print.           

Whether you have a single image or a huge batch from your latest photo-shoot, professional image masking editors can help you focus on what really matters in your online business and anybody needs to Conservation his or her own or relative photos.

We provide there are many kinds of masking service as like blow the down

 1. Hair masking service.

 2. Image layer masking service.

 3. Photo clipping masking service

 4. Alpha channel masking service

 5. Feather photo masking service  

6. All kind of color masking service

When doesn’t need

If your image has sharp edges, then we have recommended using a clipping path instead

When the background is the same color as the product in your image.

If the image has no edges or Random hair then you could not use this.

Who does provides this service with the best quality?

There are many kinds of online and offline companies that provide photos on hair masking services. Various companies have various quality, working policy & working values. Clipping Path Best Ltd is one of them this company provides their service online worldwide. Clipping Path Best uses the latest Photo Editing Software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & others. So that you can get the best service from here. Also, they provide a very low-cost service.

Reason for choosing us for this  service

we have the most expert hair masking designer who is everybody so skilled. They are flexible to savvy your proper requirements then they will provide the best image masking service based on the photo type and quality. Our expert designers will decide which type of masking will be perfect for your images for providing the best image shape according to your full and final requirements.

 We could not fail your job TAT delivery. We provide our service world-class quality you have must be satisfied.

 we have provided a very cheap rate price for any kind of Photoshop service. So you can get save your money and time with the best service quality.

Clipping path best has a huge expert high quantity masking editors. So that you will get a big volume of images that don’t miss the quality of each and every photo.

Hair masking Service Quality Ensure Policy

Our working process so highly there steps first complete working second very and finally check the Quality assurance team then deliver to you. So you have no need to revision further time but If you need another way or change your requirement you can get it totally free.

Our client file is 100% save we could not shire another person or company.    All your images and information will be secure for us. We also use a highly secure system for file transfer. So, you can stay cool with us. 


Hair Mask Services We Offers

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Hair masking Service
hair masking service
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