Terms & Condition

All the services of Clipping path best available on this Website for the Client, subject to the following terms & conditions.

If the clients discussing the first time email or other conversation or getting our service, and don’t understand or have missed anything, then he/she must flow these Rules.

By accessing or using the Website, or while taking any services, the Client acknowledges that he, she or it has read, understands, and agrees, without limitation or qualification, to be bound to abide by these terms and conditions and laws mentioned bellows.


When The following words and terms used anywhere in this document will convey the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates other terms.

A). Client: the natural or legal person who or which has registered at the Website and/ or has provided Clipping Path Best with an order for Services.
B). Services: generating clipping paths, masking of images, and other graphic services provided by “Clipping Path Best” as advertised on the Website and in other promotional tools.
C).  “clippingpathbest.com”  the legal person who has accepted the registration and/ or the order referred to under a. or who has made an offer or quotation preceding a possible order.
D) Clipped Image(s): the outcome of one or more images after “Clipping Path Best” has successfully done the Services.


2.1). These Terms & Conditions apply to all offers/price quotations by Clipping path best, all agreements between Clipping Path Best and the Client, as well as all obligations, ensuing from and based on such agreements.

2.2). These terms and conditions may not be amended, varied, or modified except insofar as Clipping Path Best has expressly accepted them in writing.

2.3). When visiting and surfing the Website, creating an account on the Website, or placing an order, the Client makes a decision by a live conversation with an email, skype, or you must agrees with these terms and conditions.

2.4Clipping Path Best has the right to change the content, pricing, service charges, date of publishing, images, and each kind of information whenever the authority wants. All information on the Website is provided as it is and clients should independently verify any information provided on the Website before relying upon it.

The Services

3.1 Clipping Path Best will provide the Services (the use of which is entirely at the Client’s risk) for the prices as mentioned on the Website: (i) if the Client is able to deliver the image(s) as a graphics file or files, in. JPEG, .GIF, .PNG, .EPS, .BMP, .PSD or .TIFF format up to a maximum of 200MB each, via the Website; or (ii) if the image(s) can be delivered through the Client’s FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and Clipping Path Best is able to transfer the image(s) (up to a maximum of 200MB each) from the Client’s FTP destination to the Website.

3.3 If the Client includes no requirements regarding the Services, the Services will occur in a standard manner meaning that the whole background will be removed from the object(s) and made white.

3.4 Upon receipt of each order, Clipping Path Best will check its contents for compliance with the Clipping path family’s published standards and Clipping path best’s capacity to fulfill it. Furthermore, Clipping Path Best will check the complexity of the order and assign a complexity level to it. Each order submitted by the Client shall be subject to acceptance by Clipping Path Best and such acceptance may be withheld at the discretion of Clipping path Best. After acceptance, Clipping Path Best will notify the Client by email to confirm acceptance of the order and deliver the Client a price quotation/offer. Acceptance of the offer and payment, insofar as the Client and Clipping Path Best have not agreed upon payment after delivery as mentioned in clause 4.4, must occur within 14 calendar days.

3.5 In the standard manner as described in clause 3.4, the Client has the right to refuse the images -in the application on the Website- up to a maximum of five times, without having to pay extra for correction round(s). Only in cases where the image quality is proven to be insufficient for Clipping Path Best to perform its Services, Clipping Path Best may charge the Client extra for corrections. The submitted file and the content of the submitted job shall together constitute the order of the Client.

3.6 Instead of the standard manner as described in clause 3.4, the Client could include additional requirements regarding the Services. In such a case, the Client has the right to refuse the images -in the application on the Website- up to a maximum of one time, without having to pay extra for the correction. In cases where the image quality is proven to be insufficient for Clipping Path Best to perform its services, Clipping Path Best may charge the Client extra for the correction round.

3.7 Upon the Client’s request, as well as in case it becomes necessary to perform the Services, the image(s) will be transformed into a different graphic file. Transforming an image into a different graphic file may affect, by way of example and not as a limitation, the quality, and color of the original image. Clipping Path Best cannot make any assurance to the Client in regard to the result or output that derives from transforming an image into a different graphic file.

3.8 The Client may cancel the order on the Website after receiving the price quotation for the Services. However, the Client may not cancel an order after notification of acceptance by Clipping Path Best as the provision of Services for that order will have commenced.

3.9 Clipping Path
Best shall notify the Client by email when the Client’s order has been completed and the results are available for download from the Website. However, Clipping Path
Best recommends that the Client visits his personal account regularly, as it is possible that emails do not reach their destination due to anti-spam, virus scanners, and other methods of mail security. Clipping Path
Best will save Clipped Images for at least 7 days after the images have been processed.

Prices, Payments & Refund

4.1 Clipping Path
Best will show the number of images for the Services on the invoice to the Client. The number of images for Services could be different from the number of images that the Client has uploaded on the Website due to possible rejections or service needs of images by Clipping Path
Best because of, but not limited to, the size and quality. The Client shall bear the risk of misunderstandings with regard to the number of images and is therefore responsible for checking the number of images on the invoice.

4.2 If the Clipping path
Best, considering the volume of an order by the Client, agrees in writing upon payment after delivery, then the Payment must be made within offered bill cycle date ranges from (1 week, 15 days and 29/30/31 Days) without being able to invoke any discount, compensation or suspension. In this process, all the quotations will be auto-approved by the application as per the agreed price.

4.3 Clipping Path
Best aim to protect legitimate credit card owners and/or users of other online payment methods from fraud and therefore may report to the relevant authorities any person using or attempting to use a credit card or other online payment methods without apparent authority.

4.4 Clipping Path
Best will charge the Client the prices for the Services as mentioned on the Website unless a different or a fixed price arrangement has explicitly been provided in writing by Clipping path
Best. All standard prices listed on the Website are subject to change without prior notice.

4.5 If the Client does not pay within the time frame specified, the Client shall be considered in default. Clipping Path
Best shall be entitled, without any notice of default, to charge interest as from the due date. Interest shall be calculated according to the current statutory commercial interest or, if applicable, the statutory interest rate, as well as any judicial and extrajudicial charges associated with the collection, which add up to 10% of the outstanding amount, with a minimum of $100.

4.6 Each and every delivery of Clipped Images to the Client shall take place while reserving the ownership of these Clipped Images until such time as the Client has paid all that he is obliged to pay pursuant to any order, including interest and costs.

4.7 Prices and rates offered and agreed upon by Clipping Path
Best will at all times be exclusive of tax and any other levies imposed by the government. All payments for the Services must be made in by online payment or payment method offered by Clipping Path
Best once the job is delivered also payments can be made in a Billing cycle basis based on Mutual understating between client and clipping path

4.8 Clipping path
Best currently practicing the business of Payment after satisfaction. However, the Customer can claim a refund if any errors found in the completed job after making the payment. The claim will be entertained for 7 days from the date of the job completion.

Delivery Time

5.1 All the orders on “Clipping Path Best” will be processed within 24 Hours or any given time that was fixed when the contract was started. However, the delivery times are estimates only, unless it has been explicitly stated in writing by “Clipping Path Best” that it guarantees a definite delivery time. Clipping Path
Best shall, even when a definite delivery time has been agreed, only be in default after the Client has served notice of default on us.

5.2 During the execution of the Services the Client shall be obliged to do all that is reasonably necessary or desirable in order to make timely delivery by us possible, in particular by immediately answering any questions Clipping Path
Best may have.

5.3 “Clipping Path Best” shall not be bound by an agreed delivery time if the Client requires changes to be made in the Services.

5.4. We will do everything within its means to notify the Client when the specified delivery time.

Warranty; Limitation Of Liability; Indemnification

6.1 It is guaranteed that all the clipped images will be of high quality and it is subject to the quality of the image(s) which has (have) been delivered to the Clients.

6.2 Any claim based on any defect in the Clipped Images pursuant to these terms and conditions must be notified to “Clipping Path Best” in writing within 24/7 .of their delivery after which the Client will be deemed to have accepted the Clipped Images as having been delivered in accordance with the order.

6.3 By submitting any order the Client acknowledges that he, she or it has not relied on any statement, warranty, or representation other than those which are made in these terms and conditions.

Intellectual Properties

7.1 After the Client has paid and downloaded the Clipped Images, the copyright of the Clipped Images is automatically transferred to the Client. If payment has not occurred, Clipping Path Best remains the copyright owner of the Clipped Images.

7.2 Clipping Path Best grants the Client a limited, revocable, and nonexclusive license to access and make personal use of the Website. 

7.3 If the Client provides “Clipping Path Best” with images, it represents and warrants that it owns or otherwise controls the rights to its images and that the images do not infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties like chain letters, mass mailings, or any form of “spam”. The Client may not use a false e-mail address. The Client agrees to indemnify with us for all claims arising from the Client’s claims to any rights in any images.


8.1 Any information that the Client provides to “ClippingPathBest” will be kept confidential and will be used only to support the Clients with a customer relationship. We shall not disclose or sell information about the Client to any third party except in connection with a sale of the whole or part of the business of us.

8.2 Clipping Path Best may use such personal data for mailings, support, and general correspondence regarding the Services. If the Client prefers not to receive such communications from us, the client should notify.

8.3 Before the Client places his first order the Client will be asked to provide his name, email address, Office, or personal Contact Details to fulfill the Services for the Client and/or enhance the Client’s visit to the Website.

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