Multi Clipping Path

What is clipping path and classification?

clipping path is the process that used for removing and change the image background, cut out image, change color to edit lovely and beautiful looking, Generally it working by Pen tools of  Photoshop or another Photo Editing software.
There are two kind of clipping path service available as like Simple Clipping path service and Multi Clipping path service.

What is Multi Clipping path service?

It is the method that is used for removing and changes the image background, Change the color of an image or photos to edit lovely that natural looking. Generally the multi clipping path working within the Pen tools by Adobe Photoshop software. Basically when any Designer change or remove the background for odd and various layer to change the color for images or photos. They have needed to use simple pen tools.

Multi path used to single or complex images add on service. It is more difficult compared to the normal clipping path, but when using two or more path or layer by pen tools any complex of odd images then it said multi path. You can change background or add various colors for same image. See the image below:


Type of it:

There are four kind of multi clipping path available, there name and simple description blow

  1. Simple

    This kind of path is so easy as like simple clipping path but it has need two or three pen tools to deferent pens to each others. This is applying for simple image or photo.

  2. Medium.

     Medium multi path is like simple multi path but when it has four or five path series then it call medium multi path.

  3. Complex.
    When a designer using six to sixteen sometimes maximum twenty path or layer use his/her working photo
    then it called complex path service.

  4. Super complex.

    When working for clipping path by the Adobe Photoshop software, or another apps to change or add the color for a complex or odd image, then need to work multi path layer. Generally when use sixteen to forty sometimes hundred or more layer then it called super complex multi clipping path.

    How to work multi clipping path?

    This kind of job working process as like simple clipping path but it must create multi path by pen tool. Basically when you start clipping first you make one or first path and complete one layer or site on image, then you use pen tool and make second path as soon as possible you make more and more path or layer. It fully depend the image categories, each and every path making time you must done save then make next path.

When need multi clipping path?

Generally, when the Photographer or Digital marker wish to change their
raw image’s color or want to add different style and look then they need
to separate the image parts in the particular layer. Complex
and compound image must need multi path to remove the background and
create natural and clear the image or photo.

when don’t use it?

there are many kind of photo/image don’t need to use clipping path as like water, feather hair etc. it’s work image masking/mash by Adobe Photoshop.

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Multi Clipping Path
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