How to be a Graphic Designer and Make a Bright Future

How to be a Graphic Designer

How to be a Graphic Designer

Designing is a creative work. Creating things is always fun and interesting too. Anyone who has the interest to create something out of their imagination can become a graphic designer. As much as it is sort of easy to become one. But there are also tricks or tactics to make something great out of this skill. This is one reason why many out there who gets interested and ask “How to be a graphic designer?”. In this article, I am going to give some tips or pieces. Also, give you some advice to get you started on this wonderful journey. And hope that it will be quite helpful.

Online Source Become a graphic designer

There are many sources on the internet that can help to get you started with the basics and understanding what is needed to be a graphic designer.


This is one of the best sources to get started. There are many tutorials or instructional videos that give intermediate to expert level tips. Some YouTube channels create a whole set of playlists fantastic. They give guidance that can help you with what to do and how to start. These videos give ideas about what sort of computer setup is needed, what software to use and how to use them. This is a very cost-effective process. Many throughout the world daily get help from YouTube. Just start by simply searching “How to be a graphic designer” and there will be a handful of suggestions on how to start.

Online Learning Platform

There are several online learning platforms where you can register an account and take your desired courses with a certain fee. A few of the top learning sites are Coursera, Lynda, Udemy, Khan Academy, etc. In these sites search for graphic design courses and see the course details. Different types of courses are offered where mainly the courses are designed in three levels; Basic, Intermediate and Expert/Advance. Usually, these courses are well described and help to get the required skills. The Instructors are very helpful and you can contact them to get more help when needed.

Courses from Training Institutes

Formal courses are available in training institutes in many places. Getting a formal certificate on a graphic design course is very helpful as these courses usually focus on the use of the designing software and much more detail training on the tools of the software. Having a certificate in graphics design will be help boost you get on work in the future as it has quite a good reputation. The teachers are also very helpful in giving more in-depth details if you get stuck in problems. Before enrolling in any institute, you can check their course outline to compare with others and decide which one you want to get enrolled in. Taking formal courses is very much recommendable and helps out a lot. Many jobs require a certificate to apply for the post as a graphic designer. This training will surely take the questions out of your mind.

Reputed degree in University

If you want you can obtain a degree in fine arts or even specifically in graphics design. Typically, it takes four years to complete these degrees and throughout you will learn the required skills to become a graphics designer. Having a bachelor’s degree gives a huge advantage especially while applying for jobs. You will know what is required in the current job market and in what you need to have expertise on. Overall, getting a degree in graphics design means you will have

Attending seminars/workshops

Check out the internet especially social media where you can find seminars are being held at different times focusing on the topic of graphics design. In these seminars or workshops, you will find local or even well-known experts giving their opinion on how to be a graphic designer and what is needed to get you started. They will also give some guidance on what is right to do and what is not. Ideas about the current job market will also be given which can help you out on why to choose this path on being a graphic designer. Usually, these seminars are free to register but there are also somewhere you need to register for a certain amount of fee which is especially for workshops as there will be some expert trainers giving you a short course on graphics design. You will also be able to create some networks.

Extra drawing and professional classes

It is very special to have drawing skills for being a graphic skilled designer. If you want you can take extra classes on drawings which can help to enhance your designing skills to be better than others. There are many arts institute offering drawing classes where you can get admitted or even have a home tutor helping you out in this particular skill. Having drawing skills enhance your imagination to help you create better designs. So, if you have time you can get to achieve this skill for your betterment.

Volunteer or Internship Job

Getting a volunteering or internship job in the graphic designing post will be very helpful to gain this skill. This sort of job helps to get you started with the basics and let you know what is demanding in the job market. You’ll be given instructions on what to do and how to do it. These job experiences will help you a lot and even help you get a permanent job in the future as it will enrich your CV.

Tools or software need for graphic designing

The basic designing software are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. These are the most used ones worldwide and also the start point for many beginners. Logo design, business cards, leaflets/flyers, etc. are usually made from these two software. Tutorials for Photoshop service and Illustrator are easily available online which will help you get ready from the start. There is other software for designing such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Aftereffects, Inkscape, CoralDraw, etc. InDesign is using for layouts for both desktop and smartphone. Animated based tools are Aftereffect for video.  and which is mostly used for creating titles, intros and any transition part of a video, Inkscape is used for making vector images, sketching or coloring in making illustrations, and CoralDraw.

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